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Hooded Horse
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June 28, 2024
Full Time
EU or ET time zones

Department: Production

Reports to: Ashkan Namousi, Chief Product Officer


As our Localization Producer, you will collaborate with our developers and colleagues to ensure that the localization process runs smoothly for each of our games. You will be an integral part of our Production team, which consists of Localization Coordinators, Publishing Producers, and Release Managers.

We try to keep our hierarchy flat and our communication pathways short, so you will report directly to me as the Chief Product Officer. I put great value in the autonomy of our team members, so I generally try to be very transparent and informative. Working here, you’ll feel a lot of freedom and involvement with everything that’s going on, and a high degree of responsibility to go with it.


Key Responsibilities

In general at Hooded Horse, I believe you’ll find a good mixture of high-level and detailed work. In a single meeting, we’ll freely jump from company-strategic conversations, to operational checklists. The two are inseparable, and the more we can think and discuss across different levels of abstraction, the more effective we’ll be in our responsibilities.

You will be working closely alongside our existing Localization Coordinator, sharing projects between you and supporting each other in every aspect of the role. Operationally, these are the primary areas in question:

  • Planning: Gather information and plan each assigned localization project. Some of these tasks include putting together timelines, vetting different service providers, and ensuring that marketing, translators, and other stakeholders are lined up. You’ll help us make informed decisions throughout the planning process.
  • Pipeline: Validate the localization pipeline. This includes preparing developers for localization by managing and sharing instructional documentation, as well as running dry-runs and smoke-tests.
  • Coordination: Coordinate the translation and LQA process, ensuring a seamless workflow between developers, vendors, and translators.
  • Vendor Relationship Management: This includes relationship-building, negotiation, and resolving various issues and challenges as they arise. We will occasionally run post-mortems and evaluate the performance of partners that we work with.


Your Background

  • You have at least around 2 years of experience in a similar role in the games industry.
  • Your English is completely fluent, both written and orally.
  • You’re located in European or North American East Coast time zones.
  • You’re highly organized and comfortable working with spreadsheets.
  • You are detail oriented. In fact, you just got stuck on the missing hyphen.
  • You understand the importance and nuances of communication. You try to be proactive and consistent in your communication with stakeholders, ensuring we all remain on the same page and expectations are managed. To that end, you can easily break down and adapt information to make it digestible for the audience at hand.
  • Similarly, your problem-solving skills allow you to break down complex situations and collaborate with others to find resolutions to them. You’re used to thinking sequentially and knowing when to be hands-on and when to step back.
  • Adaptability and pragmatism are key traits as well. As each studio is unique and has a wide range of size and experience, you’ll need to enter the collaboration with an open and pragmatic mindset that lets you adapt to each context, allowing you to always come away with a good outcome.


How to Apply

Please apply by emailing us with the subject line “Localization Producer” and include your résumé. Instead of a cover letter, we would love a paragraph within the email briefly telling us about a publisher or developer whose consistently high care and quality in terms of localization has most impressed you.

Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse is a fast-growing publisher of games featuring strategic and tactical depth. We’re currently a small, tight-knit team with big plans for 2024 and beyond.

Our team is fully remote and spreads across the globe. The team operates flexibly across time zones, as do most of our devs, but we tend to primarily focus on US and Europe work hours. Our work hours are ultimately flexible; we ask you to be available when needed, but also respect you as a professional to decide when to work to get the job done.

We have a really tremendous set of existing and upcoming titles, including games like Manor Lords, Against the Storm, and Falling Frontier. Our development partners are very passionate about their work, and so are we.

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