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It's Anecdotal
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May 8, 2024
Part Time
NZST ± 4 hours

It's Anecdotal is looking for a part-time Social Media Manager for its upcoming Rogue-lite Minigolf game, Up to Par.


The Role:

This is a paid contract position, 4-8 hours per week for four months, starting immediately. This is a remote position.


What you will be doing:

  • Create and post regular content about Up to Par on TikTok and other social channels.
  • Capture video and images from the game to use in your content.
  • Work with the developer to feature behind-the-scenes content, news, and upcoming releases.
  • Reply to comments and questions on social media and interact with the community there.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Have previous experience in Social Media Management;


  • Have experience in social media and have the qualities required for the role.
  • Be familiar with current trends in social media and use these in produced content.
  • Be organized and self-driven, able to plan ahead to ensure a regular cadence of social media posts.
  • Have some overlap with New Zealand daytime or evening hours to facilitate communication.


To apply:

If you are interested in this role, please reach via email with your CV.

It's Anecdotal

It's Anedotal is the one-man studio of Philip Buchanan. It has released the critically-acclaimed co-op adventure game 39 Days to Mars, the arcade party game Mini Matches, and is currently working to release Up to Par in the next few months.

Featured Game

Up to Par is a run-based roguelite minigolf game. Stay under par, or you're out! Play solo or with up to 16 players through procedural levels, spend your spare shots to unlock abilities, and push your golf game to the limit across unique environments.

Mini Matches is a 1 to 4 player online and local-multiplayer party game where you race, shoot, golf, jump, and compete with your friends across a series of frenetic rounds. Level up to unlock new characters and power up your abilities in the extensive upgrade tree.

39 Days to Mars is a two player co-operative adventure game. You play as Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter, two 19th century explorers who are piloting the HMS Fearful on its maiden voyage to Mars. Work together on the problems that arise to keep the two explorers alive and prevent their ship from falling apart around them.

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