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Mouldbreaker Interactive
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November 20, 2023
Part Time
$37.50 per hour

The ideal Social Media / Community Manager will drive us to inspire other studios, developers, and players to break the mould. You will work closely with our CEO to define our public brand, spread awareness, defend & protect our community, and ensure players and developers feel like they are heard -- not shouting into a void -- and inspire a change for a better industry!

This role is currently expected to work a maximum average of 10 hours per week to ensure a $37.50/hr wage consistent with all Mouldbreaker employees, and expectations will be adjusted as-needed to ensure that your wage remains consistent.




  • Grow, monitor, and engage with the developer and gamer communities to create healthy and collaborative discussions while building the Mouldbreaker brand
  • Manage and produce content in coordination with editing and production teams for social media platforms (Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.), ensuring high-quality and timely content delivery
  • Spearhead developer blogs, press releases, or community updates to a monthly newsletter that is shared on our website and mailed out to mailing lists


  • Collaborate with Production and Art departments to design and market merchandise and/or backer rewards
  • Engage with the Project FM team to collect and curate content that can be shared on public socials following the official announcement
  • Connect with content creators to distribute promo keys and promote Project FM
  • Build and maintain a public Discord community for future players to engage with us and learn about the projects Mouldbreaker is working on
  • Encourage mental health safeguards for social media usage within our development team (in other words, help us keep our timelines clean and safe from trolls!)
  • Develop pipelines and processes that can be used to grow our Community Management department in the years to come!



  • A desire to make a positive change in industry and share that passion with other developers
  • A passion for gaming and ensuring that good gaming experiences make it out into players' hands
  • Comfort in at least three of the following platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Mailchimp
  • A strong sense of accountability and desire to own your own work
  • Interest in teaching others and creating guides that document what you do for onboarding future members of your department
  • The belief that memes (and/or well-crafted, witty phrases) are the highest form of communication
  • Positive energy, a collaborative nature, and a love for creating a passionate community that feels heard



  • Experience creating Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding campaigns
  • Experience maintaining Patreon content
  • Experience with merch design (stickers, pins, patches, etc)
  • An interest in engaging with overseas and international communities (particularly Japanese & European markets)


Additional Details

  • Job Type: Part-time, full-remote role.
  • Salary: 10 hrs / week with a $18,750 salary, equal to an expected $37.50 hourly rate.


The Interview Process

Interviews will all be conducted remotely either on Zoom or Google Meets at a time convenient to both parties, making adjustments as-needed to accommodate time zone differences and international applicants. You will be sent an NDA that must be signed prior to your first interview in order for us to discuss the project and related work.

The first interview will be approximately 30 minutes, consisting of follow-up questions based on your application responses. You can expect the following format:

  • 2-5 minutes of casual conversation
  • 10-15 minutes of Hiring Manager-led questions asking to expand on answers provided in this application
  • 10 minutes for any questions you have for us!


About the Hiring Manager

You will primarily be interviewing with Trento von Lindenberg, who will be interviewing you as the Producer for Project FM. In addition to any questions regarding Project FM or the role as a whole, you can feel comfortable asking more general questions about Mouldbreaker, its mission, or the team.

Additional details about Trento can be found here.

Mouldbreaker Interactive

Founded in 2023, Mouldbreaker Interactive seeks to change the way games are made by providing sustainable production practices, transparent pay structures, an international & remote-first environment, and flexible hours to prove that “protecting your team” should never be an afterthought.

We believe that enough studios striving to do the same can and will change the industry -- but it all starts with one group trying to break the mould!

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