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May 23, 2024

We are looking for a character artist to create enemy creatures for our unannounced dark fantasy/sci-fi first person shooter for VR and PC (Non-VR), inspired by games like Doom, Quake, Devil Daggers, and Hyper Demon.

We want to hire someone with experience that is confident about jumping into a new project with a small team that will give them lots of freedom to help design and produce monsters with a unique identity that mesh with our overall vision.

These characters will fit into a roster of enemies for a rapid-fire co-op campaign experience, and our ideal character artist will help us pack as much variety and interest as possible into a very tightly scoped game.



  • 2+ years professional character art experience
  • VR Capable (Access to standalone HMD preferred)
  • 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Rigging, and Animation experience. Any 3D package is OK but Maya would be very beneficial.
  • Must be comfortable creating animation-friendly topology, rigging, and animating characters.
  • A portfolio with relevant work or strong work examples



  • Author assets that will scale PC down to mobile VR headsets while maintaining a strong visual identity
  • Work with the art director to translate monster ideas and 3D concept sculpts into engine ready characters
  • Approach work holistically as a collaborator in a small team and always prioritize communication
  • Author high poly creature/character sculpts/models where desired, retopologize, UV, texture, rig, and animate characters


Good to Have Qualities

  • Experience authoring concept art for monsters, animals, or creatures
  • Experience and desire to work with Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter
  • Experience animating quadrupeds, birds, and/or unconventional body plans
  • Experience with game design particularly regarding enemies/characters
  • Enthusiasm for making and testing characters in Unity


Compensation and Benefits

  • Contract for 3 months of full time work
  • 100% Remote
  • Flexible working schedule


How to Apply

Send us an email with your character art portfolio and resume.

Nervous Systems

We are a new studio comprised of veterans in the VR space, looking to push what gamers think about the VR action sphere. We want to prove that VR and traditional gamers are not so different. Our goal is to give players access to satisfying sets of rich interactions in worlds that challenge them to fully engage their senses. We want to distill the traditional gaming experience through a rich aesthetic into a focused form. no frills. no time wasting.

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