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December 8, 2022
Full Time

Howdy! The Nighttimes team is looking for an Unreal Engine Lead Dev to help build the demo for its flagship game, Rowdy Rascals.

The ideal candidate has shipped a UE game as a programmer and has worked on many different aspects from networking, character gameplay, physics, ai, etc etc



  • Comfortable developing in both blueprints and C++
  • Able to build features with multiplayer in mind (client/server replication)
  • support the design team by building new game features
  • Can operate in many areas of a game’s development
    • Building new gameplay abilities
    • Managing game state across network clients
    • Connecting art assets to game code through data classes
    • Working with the anim graph to enable rich animation features
  • Able to quickly mock up gameplay concept ideas


Essential Skills & Experience:

  • 4+ years of professional programming experience
  • Familiar with unreal engine, level design, blueprints, scripting
  • Shipped at least one commercial game
  • Great communication and collaboration skills
  • Can operate autonomously


Nice to have:

  • Understanding of audio system in UE4
  • Familiarity with UE GameplayAbilitySystem
  • Experience developing for consoles
  • Experience with UE5
night times inc
Featured Game

Rowdy Rascals is a playful competitive party game with an emphasis on whimsical humor and replayability. We aim to create a variety of minigames with simple rules, but complex persistent character abilities that allow the players to grow in skill. As of 2022, Rowdy Rascals is an Epic Megagrant recipient!

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