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February 8, 2024
Full Time

Astra Logical is seeking a Head of Production to join our publishing team. Reporting to the Managing Director, the Head of Production will be responsible for communication between teams, project tracking, production execution, and release management of games in Astra’s publishing portfolio. 


Who You Are:

We’re looking for a Head of Production who is excited to help build a unique and powerful publishing model. We’re looking for an experienced production expert, who can handle everyday publishing production and release management, as well as someone who is excited about helping lead a company in portfolio management, building lasting relationships with partners, and spearheading new avenues for collaborations. We are excited by someone who can context switch regularly – jumping from IC to thought leader. Scrappy is in our blood, so we’re hoping our Head of Production is excited about building processes from scratch, remaining flexible and agile with developers, and focused on lots of transparent communication & collaboration within our team.



  • Serve as primary point of contact for development partners, ensuring seamless production support and milestone management, and overseeing game releases
  • Develop and implement effective production processes to facilitate collaboration with both internal teams and external stakeholders
  • Champion Astra’s mission and design principles, acting as visionary and advocate 
  • Coordinate QA, playtesting, and localization efforts to ensure game quality
  • Play an active role in portfolio management, contributing to game selection and strategic discussions
  • Cultivate and expand Astra’s developer community through strategic events and outreach initiatives 


Required Experience:

  • A minimum of 5 years of production experience, including time spent at an indie game publisher
  • Proven track record of launching games across platforms like Steam, EGS, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, etc
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, coupled with robust project management abilities
  • A natural problem-solver, capable of innovative thinking and devising unique solutions 


Would Be Nice:

  • A love for games with deep systems (puzzle, resource management, automation, etc)
  • Comfortable with travel to events/conferences
  • Experience in post-launch game support 
Astra Logical

Astra is a mission-driven indie game publisher focused on trailblazing thinky games that empower all types of players to engage in creative problem-solving. We get really excited about deep systems, “aha” moments, and lots of logic-based thinking.

We are developer-obsessed, and we are looking to build a community of like-minded devs to explore what it means to make a game “thinky”. We are just getting started, and as a small, scrappy team of passionate folks, we’re excited about having a big impact in indie games publishing.

Featured Game

Star Stuff (Animo Games) is a cosmic mix of automation and strategic action! Take on the role of Mija, an engineer in a galactic star-making factory. Program helpful bots, work alongside them to solve puzzles, keep the factory running, and maybe save the universe along the way!

Introducing Snakebird Complete: The Ultimate Snakebird Experience (Noumenon Games)! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary puzzle-solving adventure bringing together hit classic Snakebird and Snakebird Primer, offering an enhanced and complete Snakebird experience in a single, comprehensive package.

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