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February 27, 2024
5300 - 9700€ / month

About the project

The game is a fantasy city builder-god game hybrid, set in an original fantasy world, where you can not control your units directly, you have to motivate them to act. We are targeting PC release first, then tablet/mobile. And no, no NFTs, it's an old-fashioned pay-get game model. You would be joining 14-person team of artists and programmers.


About the position

We are not interested in interns/fresh graduates at the moment.

Has working in UI design destroyed your life? It might have started innocently - an offhand comment when shopping "Papyrus logo? really?" or "hoho! someone forgot to adjust the line-height!", but it didn't stop there, did it? No. The world was misaligned, people needed to hear your vision, there was no margin for error. You started noticing it everywhere. ""Best dad" mug?! REALLY? IN COMIC SANS?! WOULD BEST DAD RAISE SUCH A FAILURE?! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS IS A SERIF HOUSEHOLD!". "DIVORCE PAPERS? In times new roman? Let me guess, you are with my ex-best friend now? How pedestrian. Yeah, I know it was you and not me, you and your lack of appreciation for spacing and mid-century German fonts."

Well, if you are out from prison for typography-hate crimes, we might have a job for you.

We are trying to develop a diegetic UI for our city-building game. It requires both, knowledge of standard ui design, as well 2d drawing and composition.

This is a contract/freelance position.

Fully remote for our safety, hopefully you understand.

Game style reference



Must haves

  • UI portfolio - Required
  • At least 2 commercially released games - Required
  • Attention to detail
  • Mad typography skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Art portfolio
  • English - Communicative

Nice to haves

  • Animation experience - Any
  • 3d modelling experience - Any
  • Language skills - JP/ZE/KO/AR/HE
  • Experience with game engine UI - Unity

*These are real minimum requirements.


Normal day

  • UI design and implementation - 80%
  • Giving and receiving feedback - 10%
  • Meetings - 10%



  • Remote 100% (and will remain remote)
  • Startup atmosphere, small team (9 people)
  • Elastic working hours
  • No micromanagement, just tasks to be completed after establishing their expected effort, with check ins twice a week
  • 1 stage recruitment



  • Team tools: Git, Notion, Google Drive, Google Docs, Miro, Figma, Unity
  • Communications: Discord

EXPIRATION DATE - 2024/03/20

Can Can Can a Man

Freshly grown game development team, raised with care, under the blue light of computer screens.


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place filled with supportive community and vibrant creativity. Handle with care and nurture constantly for the best results. Store away from the sun and grass.



Overconsumption may lead to increased heartbeat during game launches, euphoria on positive reviews, and occasional reality disconnection. Please enjoy responsibly.

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