Technical Game Designer

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June 16, 2024
Full Time
Redwood City, CA

Funovus is a game development studio based in the United States, with team members around the globe, embracing a remote-working, geo-diverse team and culture. We are looking for Technical Game Designers who are ambitious, detail-focused, and have a strong desire to own the creative and technical process of developing fun, innovative, and memorable games.


Why Work With Us

All of our games are developed by 1-2 game designers and take less than 9 months to go from initial prototyping to launch. Traditionally this takes teams of 20+ to build similar games in 18 months. From there the iteration process begins. With guidance from our production team, our games typically reach millions of players. This is all possible thanks to our powerful game editing tools, built for rapid iteration of games of nearly all genres.

To help designers build best games, we offer:

  • Mentorship on how to build games that can reach massive numbers of players fast. Typically, our games reach over 1 million players organically within one year post launch
  • A creative culture designed to foster learning and growth throughout our design team with regular workshops, game deconstructions, and group playtest/feedback session
  • Support from our world class engineering team so you can focus more on creating a great game and worry less about networking solutions and performance optimization
  • Work with our veteran artists to help create different art concepts and styles for our games; access to thousands of production-ready assets that can be used for rapid prototyping


Interview Process

We will review all applications within 5 business days of receipt. Qualified applicants will then be asked to complete a take-home design test. While the test should take no more than 2 days, you will be given up to 7 days to complete the test. Once passed, a follow up interview with the founders will take place.


Job Requirements

  • Ambition for creating games that reach massive audiences
  • Fluent in at least one game editor (Unity, UE5, StarCraft 2 or Warcraft 3 editors)
  • Fluent in Lua or similar programming/scripting language
  • Passion for games, especially casual and midcore mobile games
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills; able to work effectively in data-driven environment
  • Able to give and receive critical feedback constructively and gracefully, and a constant desire to improve
  • Experience with UI design and implementation a plus


Job Duties

  • Drive the full cycle of game development from research, development, launch, and live ops
  • Design, implement, and iterate on gameplay through rapid prototyping and feedback cycles
  • Design and implement meta game and economy systems; validate results with analytics tools
  • Polish moment-to-moment gameplay experiences with great attention to detail
  • Fast iteration during live operation based on data and user feedback


Additional Details

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Redwood City, California (Relocation support will be provided)
  • We sponsor CPT/OPT/H1B for international students.

Funovus is a game development studio based in the United States with team members around the globe. Together we've embraced a remote-working, geo-diverse team and culture.

We are a team of passionate game developers who have come together to build fun, innovative, and memorable games. We are here to support anyone that shares our passion and has the drive and vision to build games from start to finish.

Our games have generated millions of organic downloads worldwide.



  • Free meals, free gym, free snacks;
  • 100% company-covered medical, dental, and vision insurance;
  • H1B and green card sponsorship for all international graduates.


Our Values

We are an ambitious and tight-knit team of developers. We are looking for those who are determined, fierce, and capable. Those who create new options out of necessity where none existed before.


  • Make & Keep Promises: We must be able to trust and rely on each other to excel. One of the best ways to build trust is to make and keep promises, no matter how small they are.
  • Be Authentic: Direct and honest opinions—while sometimes hard to share and receive—are critical for high performing teams to grow.
  • Work and… Play!: We don't just make games together... we share and play them together too! We regularly organize game nights and provide an annual games stipend for the team.
Featured Game

Merge and match in Merge War, a roguelike auto chess puzzle game to upgrade your legion! Use strategy to craft a deck of dragons, archers, and wizards into your collection. Merge them into epic heroes to beat your opponents!

Wild Castle is an addicting casual defense game with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack. Grow your castle, archers, and heroes to kill more enemies and earn more gold. Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your real-time global rankings. Gear up and grow your own castle!

Wild Sky is a next generation Tower Defense game. In the game, players explore a world of shattered floating islands and defend its inhabitants from a variety of threats, ranging from measly Goblins to daunting Dragons.

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