Level Designer (3D)

Hidden IO
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February 13, 2024
Full Time
$60,000–$80,000 CAD a year

Note: We can only hire applicants in Quebec or can relocate there. We have an office but fully remote is perfectly fine!


Join Hidden IO as we venture into the ambitious realms of VR with our groundbreaking title, ZIXa cooperative action-roguelite designed from the ground up for VR.

Dive into the world of ZIX by visiting (https://www.hiddengem.io/zix) and watching our prototype teaser.

In ZIX, we've pioneered a novel procedural generation technique, granting players substantial influence over their level generation. Yet, the heart of ZIX's level design remains human-crafted, with our technology drawing on these designs to ensure a seamless blend of thoughtful game flow, intentional design, and boundless replayability.

As a Level Designer at ZIX, you're more than a contributor; you're a creator. Your expertise in level design is pivotal in refining our systems, enhancing the moment-to-moment experiences that you'll meticulously craft. Utilizing our creation tools built within Unity, you'll conceptualize, prototype, and deliver unforgettable levels, engaging our community through playtesting and iterative enhancements, all while aligning with our visionary project goals.

If the thrill of working on a cutting-edge project, supported by industry leaders and recognized by government grants for innovative design, excites you, especially if you're passionate about crafting levels for iconic 3D games with dynamic verticality like Quake, Doom, or Unreal, we're eager to connect. As part of our team, you'll be among industry veterans from Unity, Ubisoft, Epic, and more, in an environment where passion fuels progress, dedication is rewarded, and knowledge sharing forms the cornerstone of our collaborative ethos.


What You’ll Do:

  • Design 3D levels that align with our artistic, creative, and design visions.
  • Engage in close collaboration with game design, narrative, and art teams to achieve an optimal blend of elements.
  • Innovate and experiment with game elements, creating unique challenges and proposing enhancements to enrich gameplay.
  • Employ scripting tools to craft narrative sequences and immersive quest gameplay.
  • Respect our technical constraints, designing for Mobile VR with a focus on Quest 3.
  • Work alongside artists to elevate the visual and interactive quality of your levels, crafting memorable moments for players.



  • A college diploma in game design is beneficial, but we place significant value on your portfolio's ability to showcase your achievements and capabilities.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in video game level design or a related field.
  • Proficiency with game engines (e.g., Unity or Unreal) and level-building tools, including in-game modding tools.
  • Exceptional skills in collaboration, communication, and interpersonal interactions.
  • Openness to feedback and adaptability in incorporating it into your work.
  • A keen eye for detail, coupled with a curiosity and resourcefulness in solving complex design challenges.



  • Work Flexibility: Choose between working from home permanently or using our office space.
  • Paid Time Off: Enjoy three weeks of paid vacation and observance of all major holidays.
  • Open Financials: Access to profit-sharing details and sales projections for full transparency.


What to Send Our Way:

  • Your CV, highlighting your educational background, experience, and skills.
  • Samples of your work: feel free to attach files or provide links to your demo reel or online portfolio.


If you feel you are a perfect fit to take on the challenges of making 3D levels for a fast paced co-operative VR action roguelike, but don’t feel like you have the “Qualifications” for it, the most important thing for us is to see an example of what you can do. A portfolio piece, a playable level, anything that helps support the fact that you’re the right person for the job is all you need to send our way. Don’t be shy!


More than meets the IO:

At Hidden IO, you'll be joining a venture at its inception, one that is not just ambitious but also backed by prominent figures in the VR industry. Our inaugural project—a fusion of VR, multiplayer dynamics, user-generated content, and procedural generation—stands at the forefront of digital innovation. This endeavor, while challenging, is a beacon of progress and creativity.

Our project has already captured the attention and backing of industry leaders, and we are actively engaged in securing further funding to not only bring our current vision to life but also to pave the way for future projects. Joining us now means you're not just part of the initial team; you're at the ground floor of an enterprise poised for significant growth and impact.

As a member of Hidden IO, you'll be part of a narrative that's just beginning to unfold. Your role is foundational, directly contributing to a project that's set to redefine industry standards. We recognize the magnitude of your commitment and ensure that it's met with substantial recognition, compensation, and opportunities for career advancement.

We're not just building games; we're cultivating an environment where talent thrives, innovation is the norm, and career mobility is a given. If you're driven by the prospect of growth, eager to explore new fields, and ready to make your mark on the future of VR, your journey with Hidden IO promises to be nothing short of transformative.

Let's embark on this journey together, where your passion, skills, and vision find a home at the cutting edge of the VR industry.

Hidden IO

Hidden IO is an interactive media company specializing in utilizing invisible design to capture the mystic and sublime. We are currently working on our flagship project, ZIX.

Featured Game

ZIX is a co-op VR action roguelike set in a chaotic multiverse of colliding realms guarded by dangerous Sentinels. With gesture-based combat and movement, team up with friends across platforms and embark on an unforgettable journey to restore balance by vanquishing the Sentinels in a single, decisive run.

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