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Ludeon Studios
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January 16, 2023
Full Time

The operations director’s role is to handle senior decision-making and management required to keep the studio running and growing smoothly. It is a mixture of business development, legal, production/scheduling, administration/finance, recruiting, community management, PR/marketing, and more. This is a senior decision-making role, roughly equivalent to Chief Operations Operator (COO), and the pay will be commensurate with that.


Some tasks the operations director would engage in are:

  • Negotiate and close deals with other companies related to porting, IP licensing, publishing, and distribution.
  • Assemble marketing materials like trailers, feature writeups, and developer interviews, working with trailer houses or similar as needed.
  • Hire people in all disciplines by putting out calls, filtering applications, and managing the process.
  • Manage contracts for our contractors, likely working with lawyers to do so, keeping tabs over who is signed for when, and so on.
  • Manage invoices and related records, and ensure everyone gets paid properly.
  • Work with a web developer to improve and maintain Ludeon websites.
  • Manage the community at a high level (Note: We have a community manager who handles day-to-day work.)
  • Create structures for interacting with volunteer testers and translators.
  • Plan business strategy in consultation with other stakeholders.
  • Manage media interactions.
  • Manage office property (if we ever decide to have an office).



  • Substantial experience managing a game studio like this or a similar organization.
  • Experience negotiating business deals and contracts.
  • Experience working with lawyers and legal matters.
  • Understanding of video games, game communities, and gaming culture.
  • Ability to design and use spreadsheet models to analyze different situations and support a wide variety of decisions.
  • Able to make hard executive decisions which some people won’t like, without being callous, and to communicate about those decisions.



  • Development ability and experience in programming, design, or art.
  • Deep knowledge of RimWorld and related products.
  • Deep knowledge of games and game culture beyond the surface.
  • Understanding or knowledge of marketing techniques relevant to video games.
  • Understanding of HR processes and legal matters, especially in the field of international hiring.


Canadian residents strongly preferred. Montreal is the ideal city to be in, but other locations are also viable for a strong candidate.

Ludeon Studios

Ludeon Studios is an independent game developer and creator of the hit sci-fi colony management simulator RimWorld. We love deep PC games and story generators.


Why working with us is awesome

  • We have been fully remote since our founding in 2013.
  • We don’t crunch – ever. It’s never happened, not for one person, not for one day or for one hour.
  • There is no required time to be online. We collaborate asynchronously, so you can choose your own hours and days to work.
  • Your work will make people happy, and you’ll see that. Our team is small, so you’ll own specific things and see people engaging with them.
  • We work on games that explore novel ideas and new game design concepts. Every product tries to do something that has never been done before.
  • Our team is small, so there’s room to take on different kinds of tasks and to grow into new skills.
  • Our game community is full of knowledgeable, friendly, creative, thoughtful people.
  • Ludeon is wholly owned by Tynan Sylvester, a game creator. This means that unlike at investor-owned companies, our company strategy does not focus on boosting short-term growth metrics. Ludeon seeks to build long-term success by making creatively-rich products with a stable group of talented team members. At the end of it all, we want to be proud of what we’ve created and how we’ve treated team members and players.
Featured Game

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Generate stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and more.

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