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Matrioshka Games
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September 28, 2022
$60k per year

Matrioshka games is looking for a full time remote contract UI Engineer! You will work closely with our UI artists and engineers to get our game’s UI interface looking good and working smooth. The job requires you to understand our game design and make sure our assets are implemented properly. As the game evolves, you will need to adapt to our creative changes and be able to evolve workflows along with the project. We’re working on a unique project unlike any other game out there, and we need a UI engineer who understands the vision and is willing to embark on a challenging but rewarding experience.

We love the experience of working remotely, as it gives all of us the freedom of living our lives the way we want. Our developers work in all time zones, and we offer the freedom of working wherever you want, whenever you want. Our senior staff are experienced in how long things take to get done, so we know what it takes to build games of our scope. With this knowledge, know that working with us offers more freedom than other jobs, but we still expect you to be passionate, collaborative, and accountable. We strive for perfection when it comes to delivering the final product, and provide a remote work environment where you can work at your best.



  • Set-up and importing assets into unreal engine 
  • Provide technical support to UI Art and Assets in graphic design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Understanding the User experience in the game to make sure the UI feels good to use
  • Being able to use Unreal’s widget animation system to create polished and animated user interfaces
  • Understand how the UI system works with the back-end platforms we use.
  • Work with both outsourcing teams and internal teams to support the game dev process
  • Use existing tools and create new tools in UE4 in order to achieve our visual and technical goals



  • Extensive Knowledge of C++ and UE 4 Blueprints
  • Experience in game development using Unreal engine 4 
  • Has played and understands loot-based inventory that features “inventory tetris” style system featured in games like Resident Evil and Escape from Tarkov
  • Experience with graphic design software
  • Communication skills to be able to work with our different departments
  • Ability to act as a developer who not only submits finished work, but as passionate collaborator who strives for gameplay perfection when it comes to the final product.



  • Remote contract for 1 year- $60k annual salary/$5k per month
  • Opportunities to extend contract or gain employment status
Matrioshka Games

Matrioshka was founded by Hunter Wu, a deeply passionate developer who started the company from scratch inside his college dorm room. We’re now an indie studio that spans the globe, searching for developers with the talent and passion necessary to build our games.

We create visceral action game experiences, and we search for like minded individuals who want to create the next generation of adrenaline pumping indie games. We are hardcore gamers, creating games that we want to play.

We’re tiny but mighty, creating games that are well above the scope of our small team. We make miracles happen and no other team in the world could create the experiences that we are building. Join us in the quest to make our mark in the gaming industry!

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