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November 20, 2023
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Omni Systems and Claymatic games are looking for a Marketing Manager

While we are blessed with great programmers, artists, developers, creatives of all sorts (all buzzing around the hive to create unique games and experiences) we could use some help taking our creations to market. 

The Marketing Manager is responsible for creating marketing strategies for our (indie) games, and oversees their implementation.

They will collaborate with our creative content designers and developers, to make sure that effective media assets are created, and disseminated across appropriate platforms.

The Marketing Manager uses clear metrics and defined goals to test and tune effectiveness and reach audiences


Tasks & Responsibilities

Our Marketing Manager will:

  • Create detailed marketing plans for multiple video games, covering 6+ months  pre-release, launch, and post release
  • Identify target audiences and strategies for reaching them
  • Develop unique identities and narratives for the games, to make them stand out from the crowd and accurately communicate to players what they can expect
  • Work with clearly defined metrics for success, including efforts to
    • Increase Steam wishlist numbers
    • Boost sales
    • Maximise media exposure
      • Press Interaction
      • Soc Media Engagement
      • Content Sharing
  • Liaise with media figures and outlets, press and influencers
  • Help create an efficient pipeline for game/marketing media, to allow us to serve audiences with relevant content on a variety of platforms
  • Help create a public identity for the newly created publishing arm of Omni Systems Limited, and aid Claymatic in similar efforts


Requirements, Experience

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has multiple years of relevant experience in marketing videogames at a comparable level
  • Can point at examples of successful application of their marketing strategies
  • Must understand, and have affinity with, the world of indie games development and publishing
  • Has experience at providing these services at indie budget levels
  • Can apply their talents and network effectively, in an international context
  • In a compatible timezone (we are largely UK based)
  • Can get hands-on in crafting pitches, press packs, presentational content, and marketing documentation and plans
  • Is able to work on multiple projects simultaneously


Philosophy & Approach

We are looking for a candidate who

  • is self-motivated, can lead from the front with a great deal of independence, within the context of the defined marketing goals
  • genuinely loves games marketing. Somebody who prides themselves into honing in on strategies and tactics that serve the commercial needs of the game, and seeing them implemented successfully
  • is results driven
  • sees opportunities within marketing for positive communication with customers and fans
  • likes indie games, and relishes the consequential challenge of making a game stand out and be noticed
  • does not require, or rely on, the traditional resources of a large corporation in order to be successful, and enjoys alternative approaches to games marketing
  • is able to realise bespoke and unique approaches for quirky and original games, that aren’t easily defined by standard genres
  • recognises themselves as naturally proactive, efficient, and self-sufficient


Remuneration, Perks, Duration 

  • Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience, and reflects industry standards. 
  • Duration: The contract is for 12 months, to be extended for longer periods if both parties align. Ideally, a successful candidate starts in January.
  • Perks: Work from home, flexible hours, emphasis on good work-life balance.



While we are not inclined to bang our own drums (we need you for that) we can point at a long history of successful games and projects. Our work has won awards and nominations from BAFTA, the IGF and more, and spans many genres, styles and platforms, (Eufloria, Receiver 2, Platypus, Divergent Fear Simulator). 

At Omni Systems & Claymatic we are very much:

  • Indie games people, not corporate
  • Producers of original content, with its own identity
  • Into developing our brand, create new IP as well as growing our audience for our existing, well-loved IP
  • Cutting edge and not driven by stale genre conventions
  • Progressive and people-centric
  • Looking to make a positive contribution to the media landscape
  • Respectful of people and their work-life balance. Not interested in crunch or work excess
  • Human-focused, but also allies of cats and dogs


We encourage all candidates who recognise themselves in this role to reach out, even if some aspects don’t align completely. We are happy to adapt some requirements of the role to the right candidate.

Omni Systems
Featured Game

Neopolis is a Real Time Strategy game designed to remove stale genre conventions (like complicated technology-trees) and replace them with deep, innovative, yet accessible mechanics. It’s multiplayer focused, but will contain some single player functionality.

Eufloria RPG brings action RPG and exploration gameplay to the massively successful Eufloria universe. The game is inspired by classic roguelike games, action RPGs and genre favourites like Xenon II. However, our game adds a Euflorian twist: Players control a seedling ship that evolves over time, depending on their path and choices through the game.

Eufloria is an award winning, addictive ambient strategy game that anyone can play. Explore a beautifully realised universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling. Experience space exploration, conquest, plant growth and bio mechanical evolution. Eufloria is easy to learn, and enjoyable to master. It’s a game for everyone.

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