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Rose Tinted Games
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March 26, 2024
$3-5k per month

Rose Tinted Games is hiring an experienced lead producer for a 1-3-month contract. We’re looking for somebody who can grab the reigns and take the lead on the production of our browser-based TCG / MMORPG, Genfanad, leading us to a successful launch. 

We’re looking for an experienced, hands-on producer to lead our indie team with immediate availability.  You can see Genfanad’s site here, and our Steam page here.


Skills Needed:

  • Looking for an experienced lead producer with immediate availability on a 1-3-month contract.
  • Hands-on experience, with the ability to take the lead on the production of Genfanad & guide us to a successful launch.
  • Programming experience, with proficiency in JavaScript and Node.js.
  • If you’ve previously published games to Steam, that’s a big plus.
  • We have a variable budget, so please send us your rates. We’re looking for somebody in the $3-$5k per month range.


To Apply:

If you're interested in applying, please send us an email with your Resume/CV and relevant experience.

Rose Tinted Games

Rose-Tinted Games is an upcoming indie studio looking to recreate the feelings of nostalgia and exploration of our childhood favourites. Founded as a passion project by Seattle-based developer Heleor, its inaugural title, ‘Genfanad’, is due to release someday. But there's no rush!

Featured Game

Genfanad is an MMORPG - TCG hybrid, where deckbuilding meets epic bosses, vast dungeons & cooperative quests! Level up your skills, upgrade your gear, challenge other players in PvP (or work with them in cooperative play!) and collect new & rare cards to upgrade your deck!

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