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September 27, 2022
Full Time

Studio Pixanoh is a new indie studio founded by industry veterans, leveraging talent from Riot Games, Blizzard, and Moon Studios, among others.

Our first project has been signed by an excellent publisher, and we are dedicated to creating quality games in a relaxed, professional remote work environment.

We are seeking a Combat Designer for an upcoming isometric action title. Our Combat Designer will be responsible for leading implementation of compelling combat from conceptualization to implementation utilizing UE5.

The ideal candidate has a strong technical understanding of combat in games, a firm grasp on the fundamentals of animation, as well as experience creating and tuning player controllers. Candidates must be a motivated self-starter able to work with minimal supervision.



  • Work closely with the creative direction to design, implement and polish compelling combat experiences to form the core gameplay experience.
  • Create clear, concise documentation to align on tasks and feature intentions
  • Collaborate with programmers and animators to deliver on an engaging combat loop
  • Iterate and balance player combat alongside enemy combat to challenge players to fully utilize the abilities at their disposal
  • Work within creative guidelines to implement character behavior that fits the game's vision



  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Intimate familiarity with melee combat systems including the anatomy of an attack, such as start-up time, recovery, telegraphing silhouettes, buffers and cancel windows
  • Knowledge of modern video game combat standards and techniques
  • Actively seek feedback to improve work while also providing guidance and feedback to peers
  • Comfort with game production pipelines and deadlines
  • Ability to adapt and cope with change as the production of the project demand



  • Animation Experience
  • Programming Experience
  • Scripting and UE4 Blueprint Knowledge


The above list of job duties is not exclusive or exhaustive and the hired applicant may be required to undertake additional tasks as may be reasonably expected to perform.



Studio Pixanoh offers full benefits, as well as a generous profit sharing program:

  • Fully-covered health, dental and vision insurance
  • Generous profit sharing program
Studio Pixanoh

Studio Pixanoh is a fully remote indie studio based in Los Angeles, and currently employs 20 passionate developers in North America, South America, and Europe.

Our goal is to create exciting new experiences inspired by classic games and anime, updated to modern standards.

We are driven to create vibrant, unique worlds that bring new and exciting twists to the tried-and-true gameplay we love. We focus on creating experiences that are nostalgic while pushing the boundaries of what the game can offer.



Studio Pixanoh is led by experienced industry veterans that have worked on world-renowned AAA titles, critically acclaimed indie games, and everything in between.

Our team aims to build a strong culture of collaboration, leveraging our decades of experience from studios like Riot Games, Bethesda, Moon Studios, and Blizzard.


A Place to Grow

Investing in the success of our employees is important to us. In addition to our experienced leads training up our more junior staff, we also try to offer outside mentoring opportunities and allow staff to develop additional skills in their area of expertise.

Featured Game

Our first game, Town of Zoz, is a narrative-driven action RPG with cooking and farming elements set in a modern fantasy world inspired by Latin American indigenous cultures.

Town of Zoz is fully funded by an excellent publisher, and currently has no release date.

All artwork is early ideation and work in progress.
Game & Level Design
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