Wolfjaw Studios

Wolfjaw Studios is the best game studio you've never heard of. Come join our pack and work on some of the most interesting projects in the industry!

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Troy, NY
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Wolfjaw Studios

Wolfjaw Studios is a development studio based in Troy, New York, developing online game services with a keen focus on player experience. Our team works with studios & publishers to build online features, engage players, and drive esports in dozens of titles.


Our Values

We strive to make Wolfjaw the best place to work in the games industry, period. We do that by embodying values that ensure we treat each other and the players that play our games with excellence. Come join us.

  • Pack Mentality. When wolves band together, the group is stronger than the individual. Wolves remain a cohesive pack through constant communication, empathy, and respect.
  • Start With Players. Even though we aren’t working on our own games, we still voice opinions to our partners that put players first.
  • Collective Wisdom Prevails. We know games, but our partners will always know their player base better than we will. We let the best idea survive, and no-one gets their feelings hurt in the process.
  • Passion Over Experience. We believe devotion trumps a lack of experience. We want people that are flexible, adaptable, eager to learn, and want to grow.


6 Great Things About Wolfjaw Studios

We take pride in the fact that we’ve assembled an incredibly talented team. Come join us today and help our wolfpack grow by one.

  • N° 01 / We believe in work-life balance before anything. No nights, no weekends, no crunch. Period.
  • N° 02 / We are a remote-first studio, because life doesn’t always happen where we decide it should.
  • N° 03 / Work with industry titans on some of the most innovative games on the market.
  • N° 04 / Collaborate and grow with an amazing pack who wants to see you succeed in your role.
  • N° 05 / Be Curious. Ask Questions. We get to tackle incredible problems and are always learning in everything we do.
  • N° 06 / We celebrate wins, big and small, personal or professional.


Perks & Bennies

  • Healthcare
  • Personal Time
  • Work Flexibility
  • Education
  • Bonus Program
  • 401K Matching
  • Gaming Budget


Join Wolfjaw and help us ship the highest quality online experiences for our partners and their players. Every wolf helps strengthen the pack.

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