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Jondob Games
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October 29, 2023
Developing Nations

You will be working on Amira on Steam, which will be released on PC, XBox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck. You will be working with me directly, the founder and sole programmer. I will handle (handled) the design and creation of all of needed core systems.

Your main job is learning about the existing system modifying them and using them to construct various parts of the game, you will be using these systems to implement things like UI, monsters, creating levels, giving levels intractability, making sure levels look pretty, creating a boss, and making sure levels flow into each other properly.

Note that all visual assets are going to be provided, and all of the core systems are already constructed, or under construction and your job is to use them.


Important Details

  • Job type: Contract, Part-Time
  • Location: Remote, within emergent territories– we are in +3 GMT
  • Compensation: Equivalent to $5-12 USD/hour in local currency

We are a small indie team of one person working full time, and are located in emergent territories. As such this role is only open to those from similar emergent territories where the compensation is at or above the local market rate for this role.



  • Learn and utilize the pre-existing tools of the project to design gameplay experiences and levels
  • Create enemies/ai variations using existing tools and enemies based on designs that will be received.
  • You’ll need to understand the way systems work so you can extend them as needed.
  • Implement the systems in the place they are not implemented (example, add proper vfx/sfx for projectiles, using the existing systems)
  • Debugging, and fixing bugs that come your way as you use the various systems, and if fixing them is out of scope (large) chunk of the system, you are to report it properly, and to attempt to find a workaround.



  • The project has many existing tools and systems, the biggest requirement is adaptability such that you are able to explore much of these existing systems, and use them to construct parts of the game or the game. (Note: I will give you personal guidance and notes on the system and their usage, but you are expected to do the bulk of reading of the code, and experimenting with the code).
  • Strong proficiency in C#
  • Strong proficiency in Unity
  • Experience in developing gameplay
  • Excellent communication and listening skills, including demonstrated patience and compassion for teammates
  • Knowledge in Git is a must.


Bonus Points

  • Experience in creating shaders.
  • Level design experience.
  • Enemy design experience.
  • Ability to be creative under the constraints of the project.
  • Level lighting, and making levels look good through lighting changes, texture changes, and vfxes/sfxes.
  • If you have a little bit of an artistic taste all the better.


When Applying

When you are applying to the job, please send your CV, include the title of the job you are applying for (Junior/Mid Unity Developer For Amira)

Please include links for any previous projects/games/portfolio you have, whether they are game jams, github, or open sourced projects, the more relevant the portfolio the higher chances you have.

Please include all information needed for us to know you start working, the hiring process is as short as it can be, so we need all information, if you could include your expected rate/salary, your name, your time zone, where are you from, and a small introduction of who you are as a person.

Final Note: The final goal is that you’ll work on Amira, but, before starting on Amira, we will be building a small prototype of a different project first.

Jondob Games

Jondob Games is a studio of a single person, in emergent territories based in jordan, created emotional and story driven pc and console games, working on two main projects Amira and Home Lost Home, with Amira planned to be released in 2025.

Featured Game

Amira is a short narrative ARPG about a girl born in a Middle Eastern-fantasy world who finds by chance that her life is prewritten as she was protecting her family's land from occupiers, fight a variety of monsters in a dynamic combat, explore a new world, help Amira write her own life.

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