Senior Gameplay Engineer

Millions of Monsters
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April 10, 2024
Full Time
Austin, TX

Founded in 2023, Millions of Monsters is all about game design innovation. We’re inspired by games that raise the bar on gameplay, and we’re wiring ourselves to be able to quickly discover innovative game ideas and successfully bring them to market. We’re fully funded by all-star investors. Our team is highly passionate & enjoys working hard on games that inspire us!

Our first game is an innovative cross-platform (PC-first) PvP strategy game inspired by classic chess, and it has shown very positive results in early community playtesting. We're now hiring our first domestic full-time gameplay engineer in Austin, TX.


What you will achieve

  • Own technical gameplay features in Unity as well as support in creating tools for non-technical team members
  • Integrate with an existing team of gameplay & back-end engineers abroad (still working local hours in Austin, TX)
  • Support definition of gameplay engineering best-practices and participate in architecture planning
  • Collaborate with other disciplines (e.g., design, art, product) on cross-functional decisions about the game


What will make you successful

  • Strong experience as a professional gameplay engineer with shipped titles. 5-8+ years professional experience ideally for live multiplayer games, working in collaborative engineering teams with other gameplay engineers and back-end engineers. C# fluency / Unity engine experience. Familiarity with creating strong, scalable, modular solutions, and optimizing complex games to maximize performance. Ideally seeing many stages from R&D to production to liveops
  • Moving fast and being scrappy, spending time where it counts. We have big ambitions and need to deliver with limited resources and time, without causing crunch for the team. This requires us to be very focused and to understand the point of diminishing return for various activities. We are still finalizing many aspects of gameplay & meta-game systems, and we need someone who is comfortable with knowing when to build for flexibility and iteration, and when to build for robustness and scale
  • Embrace ownership, autonomy, and accountability, and demand it from peers. This isn’t big corporate where your job is influencing large teams. This isn’t about micromanaging or receiving micromanaging from others. This is about rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty as a team, and pushing ourselves as well as our peers to excellence
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills. You will be working closely with other engineers as well as members from every other discipline, so you'd need great communication and teamwork
  • Not required but a plus -- loving PvP strategy games and chess
  • Have fun! We feel privileged that we get to work in such an exciting industry, and to have such a big positive impact on players. While the work can be challenging and require us to grow ourselves, we love having fun as a team and we channel that into our craft


What we offer

  • Competitive salary based on experience, with company equity package
  • Real studio culture with in-person work expectations in Austin (flexible schedule)
  • Relocation budget to Austin if needed (negotiable)
  • Competitive health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 15 days PTO + holidays off
Millions of Monsters

We’re game developers who are obsessed with innovation. For us, this is about raising the bar on game design while still delighting many players. We believe there are countless such games waiting to be found, and we’re dedicated to discovering them.

Not everyone thinks like this. For many, game development is a science, with formulas for success and clear guardrails. But we think the best things happen when you abandon what you know, hop over the guardrails, and venture far outside your comfort zone.

We’re looking for those who are excited by the challenge of innovation, and those who see opportunity where others see risk.

We want adventurers. We want contrarians. We want Monsters.


What We Make

We don’t focus on specific genres, platforms, or business models, and we’ve been experimenting with a big range of ideas. Monsters believe you have to take risks and get your hands dirty to find great new ideas.

Our first game is code named Project Checkmate. It’s a PvP strategy game inspired by classic chess, fusing together the things we love about tactics, MOBA, RTS, and mobile mid-core.


Are You a Monster?

Monsters are different from normal people. They aspire differently, they think differently, and they work differently.

If you’re a Monster, we definitely want to know you, and we likely want to work with you.

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